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Caché Havanese
Welcome to our small place on the web.  We hope that you will enjoy looking around. Please come back often as things are always changing here at   Caché  Havanese.

We have raised, shown and loved dogs for over Thirty years.  As a young girl I raised and showed dogs with my mom.  Growing up I remember having mainly Australian Shepherds, along with some other various breeds.  As a teen I got away from dogs as I was very involved with the showing and competing of my horses.  After a horrible car accident, I was unable to ride or compete with my horses and  Being the competitive person that I am, I decided to get back into my dogs.

So I set out for my search for my next Australian Shepherd, this started what would be known as Flinthill Australian Shepherds.  After 14 years of breeding, raising and competing with our Aussies, I knew that it was time to try and find a smaller breed that I could relate with due to my physical health getting worse.  In 2003 I met the Havanese and it was love at first site.  In 2004 we got our first Havanese and we haven't looked back, though we will always have at least one Aussie around as they were our first love.

We, at   Caché  Havanese & FLINTHILL AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS, are striving for Excellence and cutting no corners to achieve it!

We have watched many newbies come and go. Some have enter into our breeds for all the wrong reasons, thinking that since we put XXXX amount of dollars on our dogs, that they should get a dog or two (breeding pair) to breed thinking they are going to make money. Anyone who goes into dogs to make money, is either a Commercial Kennel..aka Puppy Miller, or delusional. If you breed right, with the dogs as your main focus (thus meaning all the proper health clearances are done prior to breeding, showing,etc and before, during and after whelp care for the bitch and puppies, as well as some health testing done on the puppies before they leave for their new homes)... the chances are you will not make much money, if any at all.

We believe that not all dogs that obtain a Championship, should be considered as breeding quality just because it may have a ”CH.” In front of their name. Almost any dog can obtain a Ch. If with a Professional handler.  So PLEASE do not be misled by breeders stating they only breed champions.  Same as Not all dogs were meant to be Champions, this has no bearing on their quality, at least for us. In order for a dog to be a successful show dog, they must show that they are literally comfortable in their surroundings and be able to strut their stuff at the dog shows.
We Show our own dogs and if it is something they hate, then we do not force them to do what they hate to do, as we love them too much to make their lives miserable.

All of our dogs are health tested (even those that may never be used for breeding) and none are ever bred that possess genetic problems. Though some may be lacking a Ch. in front of their names, in our family, this does not reflect their quality, nor lack of it. Some dogs may of been  obtained at an older age, or else simply had no interest in the world of competition.


So when looking for that special puppy do not look for only CH. titles on the sires, nor dams, as that does not insure they are top of the line, instead look for the breeder that cares about their breed and wants to see it improve.  Titles are nice to have, but a healthy dog for the next 15+- years is better.

So, BUYER BEWARE..judge the dog, health clearances and breeders reputation, NOT the titles on the pedigree.

We are NOT a kennel, as our dogs live and are loved 24/7 in the house with us.
We breed for temperament, health as well as for confirmation, as we feel and believe that it takes both halves to make the whole dog.

There are no questions that we won't try to answer, so please ask us anything, we believe in total, full disclosure, as we believe in a true and valuable relationship with the people we work with, or even those wishing to know more.

We are dedicated to producing beautiful, top quality, show and pet Havanese & Australian Shepherds. Havanese & Australian Shepherd are both very loving breeds and need the closeness of the family. We have found that early socialization is the key to a loving and happy Havanese or Aussie.  Though neither of these breeds is for everyone, So please do your homework, and learn about the breed you desire.
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