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Current Adults/Young Adults Available
Here you will find either Younger Adults that we were planning on keeping to put into our breeding program that may have either not turned out for the show ring, or that may have not passed one of their heath test the way that we feel they should have , so we are offering them to you, or they may have had a home that the potential owners had to back out of for one reason or another.

This does not make them an inadequate dog for the family pet.  If the dog is being offered due to not passing one of their health test you will be made aware of this in the following description, and will will still continue to stand behind our dogs after every sale.

With these dogs being older, does not necessarily make them harder to train to do the things that you are wanting to do with them, in fact most of the people who have gotten an older dog from me have stated that in fact these were easier, as they were either all the way or most of the way with their potty training, and they had been socialized more so they tend to be more grounded/rounded dog.

We believe in being totally honest and up front about our dogs. We are ready to answer any questions and were are there for our buyer 24/7.

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