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E~Mail us and fill out our Questionnaire to see what is available.
Current Litters and Puppies

Here you will find our current litters of puppies that have been born.  They are either here or ones that were bred by our sire.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions that you may have, we also ask that you fill out our questionnaire.  If we don't have anything available, we may be able to send your information on to another breeder who does.

Current Litters, Puppies & Available
Please check with us to see if we have any puppies available because I do not always list them here.  You need to know that all my pet puppies go on a spay/neuter contract.  Please make sure that your puppy comes from parents who have had their health testing done that is age appropriate. We may at times have older pups or young adults available.
Please contact us for what we have or may have soon, and what might be available.
And please fill out our questionnaire

"Why don't we sell under 3 months of age? I want a really small puppy."
The answer to this is quite simple. It is our belief that a puppy isn't emotionally stable if the puppy is sold under 3 months of age. We know the temptation to buy a small puppy is great but wouldn't you rather have your puppy fully emotionally settled, not being rushed off of weaning at 5 weeks of age just to make a quick buck. We don't breed to make money. We breed for the betterment of the breed and want to make sure you get the best puppy possible. We don't start to wean until the puppy is at least 8 weeks of age. We feel this gives the puppy good socialization time with its mother.  And it is against code ethics to sell any puppy under 3 months of age.

Pet Resolution
As a breeder it is my responsibility to make sure our over populated dog world doesn't get more over populated. We put care into finding just the right home for our puppies. Most people think breeders are hypocrites for trying to keep other people from breeding while they are still breeding. The only reason breeders breed is to try to get better quality puppies from every generation. People can't understand general conformation (the quality of the dog) without a lot of study. It is much like going to school. That is why we want to keep the breeding to the professionals. You wouldn't hire a butcher to defend you in a murder trial, would you? So why breed if you really don't know everything that you are doing? It is like being a doctor....that is why they intern before they practice their craft. They need to know exactly what they are doing so they don't injure the patient. If you want to breed, we are not discouraging you. We will mentor people seriously wanting to breed dogs.

What is the difference between a show dog and a pet quality dog?
Really not much unless you are wanting to show. Reasons why breeders might say a particular dog is not show quality would be:

   * crooked legs
   * too much rear angulation
   * not enough pigment
   * bite went off

If you are confused by the above terms, please don't start breeding!

With the above said, welcome to a fantastic world of owning a Cache Havanese puppy. You shall love your life with your beautiful puppy. We hope you will find everything you ever wanted in your puppy.

How do I fill out the AKC papers?
Pet puppies are sold spayed/neutered and on limited registration which means you can't show the dog at AKC dog shows. Fill in your puppy's name in the boxes. Usually we will either have already done this or we will help you to do this:)
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Please check Out Our Avilable Adults page To See What We May Have Available In Older/Young Adults
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