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Oskarka's Page
Oskarka Loves Agility, the Weaves are her favorite
Here is Oskarka soapped up, as you can see she has very nice straight legs
CH. Oskarka Oskarova z Farmy Zivrat
Oskarka taking 3 point major under Judge: Maxine Beam
Oskarka 2 points  under 
Judge: Bettie Krause
Oskarka at 7 weeks
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Oskarka's other points given under Judges: Dorthy Hutchinson
&  Isabell Stoffers
Oskarka 4 points  under 
Judge: Michael Dachel
Oskarka 4 points  to Finish Her Championship under 
Judge: Lawrence Stanbridge
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Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree

CH. Oskarka Oskarova Z Farmy Zvirat

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