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You may be wondering just why we need to know so much about you and your family.  When placing one of our puppies, we always try to ensure that we match the perfect puppy with the perfect family. We also want to be sure that our Havanese are in the best situation possible.  Keep in mind that there are no wrong answers here.  We feel that each situation is unique and this is how we get to know our potentiual puppy buyers.  Potential puppy buyers are offten willing to make special arrangements to compensate in certain areas that may be of concern. This questionnaire helps everything come together to complete a picture of your lifestyle and expectations for your Havanese, that allows us to make the best match for both you and your puppy.
First & Last Name
Spouse's Name
Phone (Hm)
Phone (Wk)
Phone (Cell)
Husband's Occupation & Employer
Wife's Occupation
& Employer
How did you hear about us?
Names & ages of children
Any of your children or anyone else in the home with special needs?
What type of home do you live in?
Do you ?
If you rent, please provide us with the name and address and a contact number of your landlord
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Do you live in town or out of town?
If YES, please describe the type and height and size of yard:
If NO, please describe the Arrangements to potty.
How long have you lived at this address?
Do you have other pets?
If yes, please specify breed, sex, and age. ?
Are these pets altered?
What are your expectations and/or concerns about getting a Havanese?
Please explain why you think that you would be a great home for a Havanese:
Have you ever owned a dog before?
If so, please tell us more about your experience with this dog (what kind of dog, How long did you own the dog etc.) Also, if you no longer own the dog, please tell us why.
Have you ever turned over a dog to a pound/shelter or returned a dog to a breeder before?   If so, please explain the situation.
If you were ever in a situation and found yourself unable to care for the dog, who would take over the dog's care?
Where will your dog be kept at night?
Is your dog/puppy going to live inside or outside?
Where will your dog be kept when nobody is at home?
On average, how long will your puppy/dog be left alone at home?
Tell us more about the research you have done on the Havanese breed.  Are you aware of health concerns?  
Have you met a Havanese in person before?
Tell us what type of Havanese do you wish to own?
Do you have a color preference?
If "Yes", please specify:
Do you have a preference on gender?
What are your intentions with your new Havanese?
If "other" please explain:
Have you ever shown a dog to its championship or in other performance events such as obedience or agility?
If so, please tell us about your showing experiences and please feel free to brag:)
If this dog is of show quality, would you be interested in having the dog shown by the breeder or other handler to it's AKC championship?
What type of personality are you looking for in your new Havanese?
Do you intend to breed this Havanese?
If "yes", Have you bred dogs before?  If not why do you want to start breeding? Do you understand and except the cost that are involved in breeding?
Do you understand the difference between a full and limited registration?
Are you willing to sign a contract?
If no, explain why?
Are you willing to have your puppy spayed/neuter if going as a pet?
If no, explain why?
Are you willing once we decide if we have the right puppy for you to let us/or have someone come to your home for a home check ?
If no, explain why?
If you do not live nearby, are you willing to travel to at least Reno if not all the way to Winnemucca,  to pick your puppy up or do you have other arrangements?
And finally...I need three references that I can talk to. I prefer that at least two of them are personal, but don't live with you and the other of a vet that you have used.  If this is you first pet then another personal reference is fine.
And last, but not lease, Do you have any questions for us? Or anything that we may have left out that you would like us to know?
MaleFemaleSex does not matter
Family Pet
YESNO MaybeI would like to know more