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Future Litters and Puppies

Here you will find our upcoming litters or puppies that have been born.  They are either here or ones that were bred by our sire.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions that you may have, we also ask that you fill out our questionnaire.  If we don't have anything available, we may be able to send your information on to another breeder who does.

Future Litters
See our puppies page, E~Mail us to see what is available.
Please check with us to see if we have any puppies available because I do not always list them here.
You need to know that all of our pet puppies go on a spay/neuter contract, no exceptions.

Wheather you purchase a puppy from us or another breeder, Please make sure that your puppy comes from parents who have had their health testing done that is age appropriate.

*CERF, for eye problems, is every year and can be done as early as 8 weeks. 
*BAER testing, for hearing, is a one time test. 
*Patella's are done after they are one year old, and only has to be done once. 
*Hips are done after they are two years old, only once. 
**Other tests that can be done are for
*bile acid and maybe
We always hope that healthy parents will produce healthy puppies but no one can be sure something won't crop up once in a while.  If you don't health test how will you ever know, it is our only way to have knowledge for our future  generations. 

Our Guarantees:
We will always take a puppy back for any reason

We will pay up to the price of the puppy for any medical procedure needed caused by a congenital health problem.

If a puppy you get from us develops Chondrodysplasia we will give you your money back.

Should it be a puppy sold for show, we will replace it

We will provide you with a puppy who is trained to use a litter box in an expen and all the time you need for us to train you how to further train the puppy.

We will provide you with a puppy who is already trained to sleep in a crate in your bedroom.

We guarantee that you can loose the training IN ONE AFTERNOON that we have put into the puppy for the previous two categories if you don't spend time with us to understand the training .

We guarantee that we will be available to discuss anything you may questions about or need to know or need help with about your dog by phone or email.

We will "babysit" for any puppy you get from us any time you need to leave it and will work on any training that it or you need. We have people who come from surrounding states to leave their dog with us when they go on vacation.

You not only get a dog from us, but you also will get a friend in us for life:)
I'm probably forgetting something but with all the new breeders and ever increasing numbers of puppy buyers I hope this gives some an idea of what being a responsible Breeder means.

We are here to preserve the breed and breed to the Havanese Standard, anyone can produce pet puppies but they should be working towards a common goal, healthy puppies that are bred to the Havanese standard.

Please contact us for what we have or may have soon, and what might be available.
And please fill out our questionnaire
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Jazz Fire Of Velvet Dreams ~ Major pointed
Caché's Passionately Red ~ Major pointed
Litter due 3/24/2015